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Add Icons to the XP Desktop

Change Background to Windows Classic in Windows XP ( WINXP )

Change Login Icon

Change Login Icon 2

Change Login Password

Change Your User Name in Windows XP

Change Screen Saver in Windows XP ( WINXP)

Create Login Password

How To add Icons to the XP Desktop

Remove Login Password




How Disable the Startup Group in Windows XP ( WINXP ) with MSCONFIG

How Run System Restore in Windows XP Home and Professional ( WINXP ) with MSCONFIG


Errors and Problems


Installing a driver produces warning of system instability in Windows XP ( WINXP )

Problems installing applications as a Limited User in Windows XP ( WINXP)

Unable to browse or explore a CD in Windows XP ( WINXP )

Unmountable Boot Volume in Windows XP (WINXP)



Tips & Tricks


Installing a Windows XP Upgrade CD without a Previous OS installed

No Windows XP drivers available for hardware in Windows XP ( WINXP )




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